sales assistance

Our ultimate goal is to help you secure your order with your client, these are a few of the ways in which we can help you achieve maximum sales with our product.

If there is anything we can specifically help you with, that is not listed here then please contact us.

Unbranded sales literature

Marpatt offer a comprehensive range of sales literature that is totally unbranded and perfect for creating that purchasing impulse by showing clearly what is available using quality well thought out photography that shows this quality product to it's optimum.

Overprinting facility

The next step up from unbranded is that facility that we offer to you our client of an over printing design service that puts your corporate image to the forefront. We will liaise with you on colour, layout and appearance, which many of our clients find a genuine sales advantage. This set of new brochures for 2008 has been designed specifically with over-printing in mind. Listening to the feedback from many clients the 2008 range of brochures has ben printed in A4 format which makes the distribution cost effective and more efficient from postage through to delivery through the letterbox.

Showroom Visits

Our showroom facility is open to you for product training group days where a comprehensive knowledge of our product will be attained by the end of the day. By you and your designers. As much notice as possible is required for these days so appropriate preparations can be made to accommodate you and your team. Please notify us of any special dietary requirements in advance.